What is Zimbra Email Hosting

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our featured plans

  • Zimbra Email/Phone Support
  • Disk Space per Zimbra Hosting Address
  • Zimbra Email Aliases
  • Annual Price
  • value

    `1250 per mo

    • 50
    • 1 GB
    • 100
    • ` 6999
      USD($) 100
  • pro

    `2250 per mo

    • 100
    • 2 GB
    • 200
    • ` 6999
      USD($) 100
  • enterprise

    `4250 per mo

    • 200
    • 5 GB
    • Unlimited
    • ` 6999
      USD($) 100

Major Zimbra Features

  • Zimbra Email/Phone Support
  • Zimbra Address Book
  • Zimbra Global Address Book
  • Zimbra Calendar
  • Zimbra Tasks
  • Zimbra Documents
  • Zimbra Briefcase

Email Features

  • Email Accounts
  • Auto Responders
  • Email Forwarders
  • Email Anti-Virus (Best in Industry - 99.9%)
  • Email Anti-Spam (Best in Industry - 99.9%)
  • Webmail
  • SMTP
  • POP3
  • IMAP
  • Conversations
  • Mail Filters
  • Out of Office Reply
    • 50
    • 1000
    • 1000
    • 100
    • Unlimited
    • Unlimited
    • 200
    • Unlimited
    • Unlimited

Advanced Zimbra Hosting Features

  • Polling Interval Control
  • Basic Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Tags
  • Sharing (Tasks, Documents, Calendars)
  • Zimlets
  • Resource Group Scheduling
  • AJAX Documents
  • Annual Price

Reasons why one should choose our hosting company

It has always been difficult to select a suitable, efficient, and yet, affordable web hosting service provider. Explore the reasons why hostelevator.net is the right choice for your web hosting requirements:

  • Best value for money

    You get what you expect, and then some

  • Unquestionable 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Our 30 day money back guarantee enables our clients to test our quality services, stability of our servers, and experience the sharpness and expertise our technical team. For VPS AND Dedicated Server 7 day MBG.

  • Stability

    There are two reasons why our servers are stable: (1) We never oversell and (2) we upgrade our hardware on a regular interval. These two core practices ensure reliability, agility and speed.

  • Free of cost and hassle free transfer from other service provider

    If you are planning to change your hosting service provider, all you need to do is to let our support team know about your decision and they will take care of the rest.

  • Special hosting services suitable for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

    Our servers are equipped to host any of the above mentioned requirements. If there are additional requirements that are not listed, please advise our tech team and most of the time we will be able to accommodate.

  • Genuine Technical Support on 24 x 7

    Claiming and truly providing round the clock technical support are two different things. Anyone can test our round the clock presence on our live chat support. Additionally, we offer 24 x 7 support via our ticket system.

  • Reliability Redundant Fast Low latency

  • Affiliate Program

    Our affiliate program offers you an opportunity to earn up to Rs.5000.00 by referring any client. You can recommend our services to your friends, family, and other contacts via our referral link and let our affiliate system handle the rest. For more details please click on the Affiliate button on our home page.

  • Choice Of Our Data Center (INDIA, USA AND UK)

    We have pioneered the concept of a Globally distributed Datacenter. Our Data center is a globally distributed collection of redundant server infrastructure which hosts all our Products and Services. We have above 4 data centre located in INDIA, USA AND UK.

  • 99.9% Up-time Guarantee

    Based on the quality of our servers and our management team, we can confidently guarantee a 99.9% up time of your website. The up time is measured by our round the clock monitoring system.

  • Free Add-ons with every Domain Name

    We provide free Email Account, Free DNS Management, Free Mail Forwards, Domain Forwarding, Domain Theft Protection, Easy to use Control Panel ETC

  • High End Multi core/ Multi Processor Servers

    All Administration, Security, Backups and Upgrades managed by Host Elevator